Nannospalax xanthodon / Anatolian Blind Molerat

Mustafa Sözen

Cover Page of Zoological Science Journal Feb.2020

Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology Lab of ZBEUN

Molecular Systematics, Ecoimmunology, Phylogenetics, Speciation, Animal Behaviour, Karyology, Evolution, Morphology and Zoonoses.


The Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution, at the Department of Biology, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University was established in 2000. We study systematics, ecology, population genetics and behavior, mainly focusing on mammals. Over the past 10 years, we have investigated the occurrence of hantavirus in wild rodents, as well as distribution, genetic diversity and conservation of endemic mammal species in Turkey.


Nowadays we are working on hybrid speciation and parthenogenesis in rock lizards, the effects of altitude on ecoimmunology, physiology and genetics of Turkish Blind Mole-rats, local habitat distribution and seasonal migration of the Black Sea dolphins and avian reproductive biology.


MSc, PhD and Postdoc studies are conducted within the scope of ongoing research. We are also open to both trainees and bachelor students. All students would benefit from national and international collaboration at our lab.

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Phylogeny and systematics of small mammals

  • Nannospalax

  • Spalax

  • Dryomys

  • Microtus

  • Crocidura

  • Acomys

High altitude adaptations in Nannospalax xanthodon;

  • Hypoxia

  • Immune Response

  • Microbiome Composition

Speciation and parthenogenesis

in Rock Lizards

Morphological systematics


  • Mar.2021 -- New project entitled "The effect of the altitude on microbiome composition of Anatolian Blind Mole Rat (Nannospalax xanthodon) in Central Taurus mountains" Supported by TUBITAK 1002

  • Sep. 2020 -- Our team member Halil Mert Solak won the "EkoEvo Student Awards; Best International Publication Award" with his MSc study paper entitled: "Altitudinal effects on innate immune response of a subterranean rodent" is published by Zoological Science Journal. DOI: 10.2108/zs190067.

  • Feb. 2020 -- New project entitled "The complete, genome-wide phylogenetic history of speciation and adaptive radiation in Blind Mole Rats (Spalax and Nannospalax) in their entire distribution range" officially started. TUBITAK 1001

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Farabi Campus, İncivez Mahallesi, Zonguldak Merkez/Zonguldak, Türkiye

+90 372 291 16 86

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